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Simext Web based Supply Chain Management / SCM software, Warehouse Management / WMS solution, Logistics / 3PL, Inventory Control, end to end Retail, Manufacturing Software, Dynamic Production Planning, POS system
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Metropolis Wellness Products Pvt. Ltd.

International Maritime and Aviation LLC(IMA Group)

ASK Loggistics Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Hyundai Construction Equipment (HCEIPL) (Subsidiary of HHI, Korea)

PMD Gluman

Bharati Shipyard Limited

Noble Corporation Ltd.

Sahara India Group Companies

Hino Motors (Toyota Group, Japan)

KunjBihari Developers (Reliance ADA Group)

Mont Carmel

City Corner

Kolorrol Energy

JOP Overseas Ltd.

Padama Padamavati Opticals

Container Corporation

(For a list of installations across multiple sectors/ countries, reach us at                   sales@simext.com)                  

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List of Some Installations in India
(Off the shelf / out of the box solutions; and base systems customized as per specific requirements)

For a list of Global / Indian installations across multiple sectors / countries,   you may reach us at   sales@simext.com
Padma Padmavati Opticals Kolorrol Energy   Container Corporation JOP Overseas City Corner


Metropolis Wellness Products Pvt. Ltd.

Retail and Healthcare

Presence across India, UAE, Sri Lanka, South Africa  


Metropolis India has earned the reputation of being India's only multinational chain of Clinical Laboratories and 85+ Diagnostic Centers with presence in UAE, Srilanka, and South Africa.

Their retail venture of healthcare multiple retail outlets across India, at diagnostic centers is under brand name Metropolis Wellness Products Pvt. Ltd. for sales of health products for diagnostic industry.
After carefully evaluating multiple vendors, Metropolis finally selected Simext as their one-stop solution provider for both software and hardware requirements.

Metropolis wanted to integrate business processes for their initial set of multiple stores across India for Integrated POS Billing, inventory tracking, barcoding, purchasing, etc.;

Metropolis appreciated that Simext BizInt is full SCM and ERP system, with its core functionalities that would help Metropolis expand smoothly in a scalable manner.

As Metropolis expands its outlets, the system will provide end-to-end Business Visibility; with various other features like tracking consolidated demand / indent across multiple stores and raising its consolidated PO, workflow based auto SMS & auto email alerts, Request / Complaint Management, E-commerce, etc.

The business spans India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, UAE. Select Indian locations include: Maharashtra (Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Aurangabad, Panvel), Tamil Nadu (Chennai), Gujarat (Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara), Kerela (Cochin, Thrissur), Karnataka (Bangalore), Tamil Nadu (Chennai, Coimbatore, Salem, Pondicherry, Madhya Pradesh (Indore), etc.



International Maritime and Aviation LLC  (IMA Group)

3PL, Warehousing, Logistics Services, Project Management, Trans-shipment

Presence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Dammam, Qatar, Kuwait, India



IMA was founded in 1980 as a dynamic logistics entity to serve the entire Middle East region, offering complete suite of services including 3PL / 4PL services, Air freight, Sea Freight, Road Transport, Project Management, Trans-shipments, Supply Chain Merchandising.

IMA needed an "Integrated 3PL & WMS System" to streamline services and material management for multiple clients across numerous warehouses. Apart from standard WMS features, IMA opted for Simext amongst other solutions for its 3PL services billing capability. Invoices for IMA clients were based on services provided like handling services, labelling, re-packing apart from warehouse space billing.

IMA especially liked the Warehouse Space Optimization feature and the way the system increased its efficiency in warehouse operations and billing processes, both of which are critical for 3PL industry. One of their FMCG clients, a High-Energy Drink Manufacturer, plans further enhancements accordingly. IMA's locations include Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Dammam, Qatar, Kuwait, India, etc.

Simext's solution also provides IMA the flexibility for unique requirements which involved handling dispatch of products of shelf life above X%; and picking of inventory on FEFO basis (First Expiry First Out); batch tracking movement from one bin to another; segregation of SKU as excise-able or non excise-able, etc.


ASK Loggistics Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.

3PL, Warehouse Solutions and Services

HO: Pune, Maharashtra
(Presence: Multiple Indian cities)


ASK Loggistics, established in 1993, has corporate office at Pune, India and operations spanning major cities in India providing expertise and one window end-to-end logistics solution. They operate through domain-specialist teams spread across cities, and provides high quality logistics services to meet its clients specific requirements

ASK Loggistics required WMS (Warehouse Mgmt System) to streamline material management for their well-renowned international clients and Indian conglomerates including handling of spare parts for some of them. Apart from being Web-based to provide easy usage from anywhere in the world, Simext's off-the-shelf solution provided end-to-end inventory tracking including system suggested best-fit binning, smooth client order processing, fast pick slip generation and picking, packing and shipment processes.

ASK Loggistics appreciated the efficiency of automating their warehouses processes on implementation and the fact that modules can be plugged in in a phased approach, as and when needed. They would also like to use barcode-generation module in future to further provide value add to their clients, and to automate the processes, avoid wrong-picks, etc.

One of ASK's international clients are now integrating their ERP / SAP system through EDI interfaces, which is a ready module.


Hyundai Construction Equipment India Pvt. Ltd. (HCEIPL)

(wholly owned subsidiary of HHI, Korea (Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.)

High End Construction Equipment

Mother Warehouse: Pune
Regional WH: Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata

Dealers: Pan India



HCEIPL is a wholly owned subsidiary of USD 14 billion Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. (HHI), Korea; and have setup a Greenfield manufacturing facility in Chakan, Pune. HCEIPL manufactures high end construction equipment, like earth moving hydraulic & crawler excavators, wheel & skid-steer loaders, forklift trucks, etc.

Hyundai thoroughly evaluated numerous software solutions, and finally selected Simext's BizInt system to integrate their network of 20+ dealers and multiple warehouses spread across the country. Usage of the software is spread across all their dealers and warehouses.

They wanted to integrate their business processes for warehouse management, inventory control, purchase and sales processes. This included purchase, material receipt, binning / put away, order processing, pick slip generation, pulling / picking, packing, labeling, invoicing, dispatch documentation, shipment, payments, etc.

They liked the flexibility to customize as per their needs. They preferred the Web-based interface for giving access to dealers and to remotely track the status. The company wants to extend the solution to include other modules for tracking Warranty, Customer Relationship / CRM, etc.

Simext also designed flow and interfaces with their SAP and other teams from Korea to seamlessly integrate certain warehouse management processes with their SAP and online ordering system, Ceres.


Precision Moulds & Dies Pvt Ltd: PMD

Injection Moulding, Plastic Products

Sahibabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

       PMD - Precision Moulds and Dies


PMD manufactures injection moulding moulds and plastic products for all types of industries. These include engineering parts, caps, closures, bottles, medical parts and househould products by the name Gluman.

PMD wanted an "Integrated System" catering to their specific ground level workflow processes followed across multiple departments. This included streamlining their end to end order management; coordinating all their activities starting from order entry, stock managment, BOM / Bill of Materials, purchase, packaging and dispatch; and analyzing trends to maximize gross margins (FSN: fast moving & slow moving items, dead stock, etc.).

They finally opted for Simext BizInt Enterprise System owing to its flexibility and ease of use



Bharati Shipyard Ltd. (BSL)

Ship Building

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
(Pan-India Yards)



Bharati Shipyard Ltd. (BSL) is privately operated shipyard in terms of building facilities in India. BSL product range includes various types of vessels, cargo and container ships, tankers, etc.

BSL wanted a web based integrated material management and Yard Management System / YMS for its yards across India. Easy adaptability of system and mapping of their specific ground level requirements were amongst some of the key factors.

Many software solutions and providers including some well known names were evaluated by BSL, and finally Simext's BizInt solution was selected. The system integrates and automates their end to end processes for purchasing, materials management and tracking acrosss multiple projects – Indent, RFQ, Purchase / Import, Inventory Tracking and Control, Project Management, etc. The solution is customized as per their needs.

Web-based interface gave them additional flexibility to access the system from any location. The company wants to extend the solution and integrate more modules in future, as per their business growth.

Pan-India Yards incl. Mumbai/Ghodbunder, Goa, Mangalore, Kolkata.Ratnagiri, Dhabol


Noble Corporation

Protective Solutions for Building Construction Industry

Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Nagpur - Maharashtra, India


Noble Corporation has been in business since 1935 providing protective solutions to the building construction industry. Beginning as a supplier of Waterproofing Products, today Noble Corporation today is a leading purveyor of Thermal and Acoustic Insulation, Specialty Construction Chemicals, Industrial Sealants & Waterproofing Membranes.

Noble Corporation needed integrated WMS System to streamline material management, and inventory tracking process for multi-location warehouses based in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik and Nagpur. Their existing Tally ERP solution did not provide flexibility with regards to web-access, location based inventory tracking in the warehouse; apart from report generation.

After consolidating all requirements needed, NCL chose Simext's software due to its flexibility to customize as per their ground-level business processes. Using Simext's solution, NCL can now run their warehouse operations through central office-based server; without the worry of data synchronization between multiple units and corresponding data errors.

The solution is already being expanded to provide commission based module; to calculate renumarations for their employees based on sales and payment recieved from clients. Their existing Tally ERP is also being integrated with invoices generated from the WMS to enable accounting operations to run smoothly.


Sahara India Pariwar
Group Companies

Infrastructure, Hospitality, Media Entertainment, Financial, Commodity

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
Gurgaon, Haryana, NCR, India
(Pan-India Warehouses)


Sahara Comosale             Comservs

Sahara is One of the leading conglomerate having diversified business interests that include Finance, Infrastructure & Housing, Media & Entertainment, Commodity Sales with Services and Retail Chain, Manufacturing and Information Technology. Sahara wanted a Web based Integrated WMS to have a end to end visibility of the business and streamline their numerous processes. Web interface facilitated access to remote warehouses / locations.

After evaluating numerous softwares, Simext BizInt Warehouse (WMS) was selected to integrated their 18+ warehouses across India, along with their Command Head Office at Lucknow and backend-operations office at Gurgaon, Haryana. The system automated and integrated their high volumes order-management and dispatches, procurement and distribution, end to end inventory tracking, product / item kitting ( BOM ), multi-location warehouse management, consolidating multiple indents from remote warehouses and centralized purchasing, mapping of all India pincodes / zipcodes serviced by specific warehouses, etc. The solution was customized as per their needs.

Warehouse locations include Delhi, Jaipur, Panipat, Chandigarh, Silliguri, Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Bhopal, Nagpur, Raipur, Vadodara / Baroda, Agartala, Patna, Ranchi, Guwahati, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar,  Hyderabad.

Hino Motors Sales India Pvt. Ltd.

(Toyota Group Company, Japan)

Auto Manufacturer, Auto Parts Manufacturer and Distributor

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


HINO India          HINO Global

Hino Motors represents the Toyota Group in the global market for medium-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, and buses. Hino Motors Sales India is a JV between Hino Motors Japan and Marubeni Corporation of Japan. Hino Motors Sales India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI) carries out the sales and assembly operations trucks and buses. HMSI has numerous dealers across India.

HMSI wanted a Warehouse Management System / WMS to track the material for its assembly, carried out on the shop-floor of its plant located in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra, India; and to cater to auto-parts needs of its pan-India dealers. HMSI wanted to streamline their Supply Chain Management / SCM; to have a better visibility of the end to end inventory movement, and have a better control over material management.

Simext BizInt off-the-shelf solution i.e. out of the box system met the requirements of HMSI, and was finally chosen after extensive deliberation. HMSI appreciated the flexibility and ease of use, and the fact that modules can be plugged in in a phased approach, as and when needed.

HMSI went with 2nd phase to customize the system, as per their ground level requirements; and in phases incorporate other business operations / requirements including import operations (Customs duty as per HS-Code,    BOE - Bill of Entry),   bonded warehouse processes, excise invoice (customized Excise duty calculation), accounting (incl. apportioning of freight and other charges), etc.

KunjBihari Developers Pvt. Ltd.

(Reliance - ADA Group
(Reliance Energy)

Mega Commercial & Residential Real Estate Projects

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Associated with some of the largest business houses, the company is part of Reliance - ADA Group (Reliance Energy), and its business includes developing mega commercial and residential real estate projects. They wanted a integrated solution to handle their numerous inventory related activities. "Flexibility" and "Ease of Use" was a key requirement.

The company evaluated many software solutions and providers including some well known names, and finally selected Simext's BizInt solution. The system automated and integrated their processes for materials management and purchasing Purchase / Import, Inventory Tracking and Control, Project Management, Payment. The solution was customized as per their needs.

The system's Web-based interface gave them additional flexibility to access the system from any location. The company wants to extend the solution and integrate more modules in future, as per their business growth.
Mont Carmel

Retail Super Market

Mumbai, Maharashtra,

Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa


Mont Carmel (MC) has a super-market retail-store and two warehouses in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa; and also do distribution from Mumbai, India. MC wanted an "Integrated System / ERP", catering to their specific ground level requirements. This included Fast Billing from point-of-sale / POS terminals at super-store, managing corporate sales, streamlining material management, order management, multi-country purchasing / procurement and material movements, analyzing trends to maximize gross margins (FSN: fast moving and slow moving items, dead stock, etc.), inventory tracking and managing warehouse.

The previous system installed at MC didn't provide the flexibility; and after numerous transactions, was giving inaccurate inventory stock numbers that was unmanageable.

They evaluated software solution providers in Africa, Middle East and India; and finally opted for Simext BizInt Enterprise System owing to its Customization ease and Flexibility, multiple level Barcode support, multiple check points in system to check pilferage, easy customization for auto-updation of price-lists as per frequent currency changes, procurement / purchasing through SMS generated / sent directly by system, auto-conversion of various products / UOMs (e.g. carton/sack to packet/each; and vice-versa), In-Depth-Support, System Stability, etc.

MC is venturing into Manufacturing / Production; and hence wanted to phase out ERP implementation accordingly. MC wanted an End-to-end Manufacturing-Warehousing-Retail solution. MC wanted to start with super-store Retail POS billing and Store-Management, then Warehouse Management (WMS), and later deploy the Production modules.
Kolorrol Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Industrial Automation / Control Systems (AC Drives Manufacturer),

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Kolorrol is into Industrial Automation / Control Systems. Manufacturing variable frequency AC Drives and Wind-turbine Power Converters, the company wanted to streamline their processes and reduce inventory levels / costs. They wanted to integrate their end to end processes Sales, Purchase, Inventory Management, Production Planning, Tracking outsourced vendors, Packaging / Shipment, etc.

The management were delighted with the the flexibility of quick customization as per their needs; unlike other proprietary ERP systems which were encouraging to adapt the company's processes as per the software design of their proprietary ERP.
JOP Overseas Ltd.

Real Estate (Mini-townships and Commercial Development),

NCR, India: Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon

This public limited company is into real estate, developing mini townships and commercial complexes in North and West India and has tie-ups with some big MNCs for their real-estate development. They were looking for a solution for Multiple Location Project Management, which could also handle their Purchase, Inventory, and Payments.

Web-based system would give flexibility to the management to track multiple projects virtually from anywhere, even while traveling.
Padma Padmavati Opticals

Personal Care
Eyewear Manufacturer & Exporter

Thane, Maharashtra, India

The company is into Personal Care segment, and manufactures and exports numerous varieties of spectacles / frames. The company was initially looking for a solution to integrate few of their business processes; and later decided to evaluate integration of their numerous other processes including Manufacturing Processes, Production Planning, Sales, Purchase, Inventory Control, Tracking outsourced vendors, Packaging / Shipment, etc.

An integrated system facilitates in improving operational efficiency. They plan to integrate a web store later.
Container Corporation

Packaging and Printing

Thane, Maharashtra, India

The company manufactures corrugated boxes which are used in various types of primary, secondary and tertiary packaging. They are also into offset printing. The company were using a software but were restricted to mainly the accounting related activities. They were expanding their business to multiple manufacturing units, and wanted a system to integrate their end to end business processes. They also wanted to reduce and track the consumption and wastages of various consumables per production run.

A customized system to match their existing business processes would ensure better visibility of the total business; including handling of Multiple Production Locations, Tracking Production, Sales, Purchase, Inventory Control, Shipment, etc..
Please do NOT contact the references directly

For a list of Global / Indian installations across multiple sectors / countries,   you may also reach us at   sales@simext.com

Partial List of some Global Installations
(Off the shelf / out of the box solutions; and base systems customized as per specific requirements)

For a list of Global / Indian installations across multiple sectors / countries,   you may also reach us at sales@simext.com
Textile Manufacturer


They wanted to upgrade an outdated accounting system that they had developed in-house. Flexibility was a key requirement. The system automated and integrated their processes for materials management, purchasing, order management, BOM, work orders and accounting. Partner implementation by implementation-partner of the respective client. The solution was customized as per their needs (e.g. tracking clothing dyes by lot).
Retail Chain


They wanted to reduce inventory costs and streamline POS / point of sale processes. They integrated the system with their point-of-sale terminals, and the cashiers prepare invoices by scanning the bar code on product items. The system automatically calculates and applies Canada's two-level GST and PST taxes to invoices. The system also facilitates in reducing stock levels, inventory management, returns management.
Jewelry Manufacturer

California, USA

They needed to improve inventory management, automate workflow, increase employee productivity, and make it easier for customers to do business. The system exceeded management's expectations around the ease of customization and has resulted in greater operational efficiency across the organization.

Health Care


Their prior system was an outdated mainframe application for managing pharmaceutical inventory; but it was not efficient for managing the 555-bed hospital. The customized system automated the materials management and procurement processes. The system integrated with a range of internal accounting and cost management systems. Partner implementation by implementation-partner of the respective client. The system was operational in three months.
Plastics Manufacturer


They wanted a solution for managing their various business / manufacturing process. Partner implementation by implementation-partner of the respective client. The system provided improved management of the company's eighteen thousand products, five thousand customers and two hundred daily invoices. The system went into production in three months.
Book Publisher


They had demanding requirements as forty percent of their revenue was from international orders. As the system supports multiple languages, accounting schema, tax laws; and facilitates integrated e-commerce, it met their needs. The system improved customer satisfaction as it enabled their German-speaking sales staff to generate invoices in native languages languages of customer like English, Japanese, German, etc.
Textile Distributor

North Carolina, USA

They used the system to integrate distribution, sales, service and financial processes. The customized system streamlines credit decision-making and minimizes out-of-stock situations. They expect forty annual growth due to improved customer satisfaction.
Clothing Retailer


They wanted to automate retail and financial management business processes. The system, delivered in less than two weeks, included software installation, creating initial settings, customizing sales process / documents, and training. Partner implementation by implementation-partner of the respective client. The retailer is successfully using the system to manage sales, purchasing, materials, accounting, CRM and online web store transactions. The system was delivered in in less than two weeks.
Medical Books and Supplies

Missouri, USA

They wanted to manage accounts payable and financial reporting. They replaced their home-grown, disparate accounting system. Partner implementation by implementation-partner of the respective client. The system enabled informed decision-making by automating thousands of weekly billing / invoice transactions across four operating divisions; and by generating consolidated financial statements.
Electronic Components
California, USA

They needed stronger automation for their inventory and financial management processes. The system was customized to match their existing business processes. Partner implementation by implementation-partner of the respective client. The final hosted solution provided centralized information from across its multiple local offices; and improved reporting and efficiency.
Energy Equipment Retailer


The energy-saving equipment retailer earlier had separate and inflexible ERP and CRM solutions that was putting a strain on business growth. Partner implementation by implementation-partner of the respective client. The system implemented business processes spanning sales, logistics, purchasing, CRM, accounting, human resources and financial management.
Customized Metal Products Manufacturer
Indiana, USA

This manufacturer evaluated a number of ERP options and chose this system because it gave them flexibility. The system's order management system gave the option to flexibly do the pricing as per the customized metals products; like by the pound or by the square foot. It also streamlined the estimation and order management processes.
Specialty Eyewear Retailer

California, USA

This specialty eyewear retailer selected the ERP system because it allowed them to integrate even a web store as the front end; with full inventory, customer service processes and financial management.
Exercise Equipment

Oregon, USA

They out grew their proprietary off-the-shelf accounting system, and needed an ERP system that could process thousands of transactions for new orders and replacement parts. The system facilitated quick customization as per their needs easily and affordably; unlike other proprietary ERP systems which were encouraging to adapt its processes to the software design.
IT Hardware, Network Services Provider


The system was customized to very specific needs of this service provider. Apart from accounting and billing functions, additional modules were developed to integrate network monitoring, bandwidth utilization, network inventory, etc.
Global installations are not implemented by Simext, but by various implementation-partners of the respective clients.
Please do NOT contact the references directly

For a list of Global / Indian installations across multiple sectors / countries,

you may also reach us at   info@simext.com   or   Call us at   +91 22 6529 3949 ,   +91 22 3244 5899

Services globally and pan- India (including: Mumbai (Bombay), Pune, Ahmedabad, New Delhi / NCR, Hyderabad, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Chennai (Madras), Kolkata (Calcutta), Surat, Chandigarh, etc.).




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