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Solutions >> Business and Operations Management >> More Business and Operational Challenges

Is there a way to manage and grow business more smoothly?

Do our "Integrated Business Management Software / Systems" target some specific "Business and Operational Challenges"?

You may click the link to find enlisted some of the day to day Business and Operational Challenges faced in any business.

Some more "Production Bottlenecks", "Purchase Challenges" and "Other Key Issues" are enlisted below:



More Business and Operational Challenges

(Continued from:    Day to day Business and Operational Challenges)

(PS: Some enlisted business challenges are specific to production environment and may / may-not be applicable in your business.)

  Purchase / Vendor Management Issues
 * Buying more because untracked i.e. dead / non-moving stock cannot be moved from some other location
 * Higher raw material price due to unplanned purchases
 * Non timely purchases => Added Costs
 * Purchases not as per specifications (e.g. not properly "cut to length") leading to more rejections / wastage / scrap
 * Raw material: Delivery delays / quality issues
 * Buying much more than required quantity (various reasons)

Production bottlenecks

 * Not sure whether current raw material / resources would suffice for say, next month’s deliveries?
 * Not able to give prior notice to customer for delivery delays – Affects future business and brand image
 * Deliveries not planned well, especially for multiple line items of a single order (leading to delayed delivery of full order)
 * Machine problems / overload / breakdowns

 * Quality issues in some in-process step
 * More rework (various reasons that are avoidable)
 * Inconsistent production quality
 * Low margin business

Other Key Issues
 * Lot of pressure on management and staff (e.g. due to promised delivery dates)
      - Management dissatisfaction / worker dissatisfaction

* No choice but to sell stored stock at a discount
* Reusable / sellable scrap lying in warehouse / store, but is not known

* Priorities not clear amongst various departments - leading to confusion / losses / time wastage
* Valuable time lost in tracking various aspects and issues in a cycle of sales-production-purchasing-quality-deliveries-invoices-payments

* No time, hence no focus on how to
      - reduce delivery time, reduce rejections, increase profit margins, etc.
     - increase productivity by optimum utilization of resources (machinery, tools, skilled labor, etc.)

* Healthy Order book for next quarter but mind still occupied with various concerns      - low profit margins, lost opportunities for bigger / more-profitable orders, high inventory levels, etc.

 * Marketing / Sales becomes reactive rather than proactive in tracking trends and demands because of not having enough business visibility: e.g. which sector would have higher demand in next 3 months, etc.


So, how do we take care of these issues? Can we avoid some of these pitfalls?

Are there some ready-frameworks that facilitate in reducing delivery time and increasing profit margins?

Can these frameworks accelerate business growth and productivity?

Do these frameworks work for varied sizes of business - small, medium or large?


YES.     There are frameworks / software systems to manage and grow business more smoothly.

Simext's BizInt is a set of such frameworks / software systems.

BizInt integrates business processes with functionality spanning inventory management, warehouse management, manufacturing / production planning, MRP (Material Resource Planning), customer relationship management, vendor managment system / VMS, Invoice Tracking, HR,  tracking orders / invoices / shipments / payments / stocks, sales / marketing, purchases / suppliers, retail / Point of Sale / POS Software, supply chain management, BOM (Bill of Material), business analysis/ performance, financial management, accounting, etc.

The system is a ready solution that one can start working on immediately. An off the shelf / out of the box software system might meet one's needs or it may require configurations / customizations.

The system is customizable as per unique / ground-level specific requirements of an organization. A customized solution is drawn out based on the processes and workflow as is followed by the organization.

 Specific processes / modules can be implemented in phases.

For "Benefits and an introduction" of BizInt Suite,   click here >>

Refer    Enterprise Solutions - A Journey [PDF], a document that should help in your endeavor to understand the various factors to be considered. It enlists:
    - various business, implementation and technical perspectives;
    - the steps that an enterprise should take; some evaluating factors and
    - TCO considerations (Total Cost of Ownership).

For exploring possibilities, you may   reach us at   info@simext.com   or   Call us at   +91 22 6529 3949 ,   +91 22 3244 5899