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Metropolis Wellness Products Pvt. Ltd.

International Maritime and Aviation LLC(IMA Group)

ASK Loggistics Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Hyundai Construction Equipment (HCEIPL) (Subsidiary of HHI, Korea)

PMD Gluman

Bharati Shipyard Limited

Noble Corporation Ltd.

Sahara India Group Companies

Hino Motors (Toyota Group, Japan)

KunjBihari Developers (Reliance ADA Group)

Mont Carmel

City Corner

Kolorrol Energy

JOP Overseas Ltd.

Padama Padamavati Opticals

Container Corporation

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Software Product Development: Compliance and Implementation

Software Product Companies face a challenge in the current market dynamics. Faced with ever-changing business requirements and constrained budgets, the goal is to deliver strategic value to business constituents. Many a products require integration with the other software and applications deployed at the client-site.

Service Oriented Companies wanting to enter the software-product business, in addition to these challenges; have to learn the new ball game of Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC). They might have good viable ideas, but to convert them into successful software product(s) require some new skills to be attained.

Outsourced Product Development (OPD)software development
Various tasks in the course of Product Development Life Cycle can be outsourced to Simext. Applying a set of best practices to execute these tasks ensure that the final delivery is upto the standards sought.
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Product Realization (PR)
Facilitates companies to develop their Intellectual Property (IP) by translating their ideas and also their software services / application into viable products.
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Simext’s methodology is …
… focused on transforming your ideas into tangible, customer ready solutions.

Simext’s methodology to comply and implement the best practices in software product design and development extends itself in various client needs including:
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