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Simext Web based Supply Chain Management / SCM software, Warehouse Management / WMS solution, Logistics / 3PL, Inventory Control, end to end Retail, Manufacturing Software, Dynamic Production Planning, POS system
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Solutions >> Business and Operations Management >> BizInt Suite - Solution Overview


Integrated Business Visibility":


A key characteristic for



"Smooth Execution"




"Accelerated Business Growth"


Simext provides Web based "Integrated Business Software Systems".

Simext's BizInt (BizInt: Business Integration) is a suite of integrated software systems, a set of frameworks to manage and grow business more smoothly.

It caters to the need of organizations to build and strengthen their Business Infrastructure and Compliance.

The system is a ready solution that one can start working on immediately. An off the shelf / out of the box software system might meet one's needs or it may require configurations / customizations.

The system is customizable as per unique / ground-level specific requirements of an organization. A customized solution is drawn out based on the processes and workflow as is followed by the organization. Full Supply Chain Management

Retail Management System:

Manufacturing + Warehouse + POS + Advanced Backend Operations



Specific processes / modules can be implemented in phases.

Enterprise solutions also include MRP (Material Resource Planning), invoice tracking software, production planning, shop floor management, BOM (Bill of Material), supplier / vendor management system / VMS, business management software, inventory management and analysis, internet based integrated software, inventory software solution, database inventory system, logistics software, billing, HR, stocks, vendors / suppliers, purchase managment, etc.

This is apart from the various integrated systems that include supply chain management ( SCM ), warehouse management system ( WMS ), third party logistics system (3PL system), inventory planning and control, retail point of sale ( POS ), manufacturing execution system ( MES ), enterprise resource planning ( ERP ), customer relationship management ( CRM ).

Day to day business challenges are more manageable using such frameworks.

Refer    Enterprise Solutions - A Journey [PDF], a document that should help in your endeavor to understand the various factors to be considered. It enlists:
    - various business, implementation and technical perspectives;
    - the steps that an enterprise should take; some evaluating factors and
    - TCO considerations (Total Cost of Ownership).


  • Inventory Planning and Control

  • Warehouse Management ( WMS )

  • Resource Management

  • Product Tracking, BOM, Formulae

  • End to End Order Tracking

  • Sales / Invoicing / POS / Billing

  • Distribution Management

  • MRP - Materials Resource Planning

  • Purchase / Procurement

  • Customers and Suppliers / Vendor Management

  • Supply Chain Management ( SCM )

  • E-Commerce Web Store (Optional)

  • Manufacturing Execution System

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Customer Relationship (CRM)

  • Retail Point of Sale / Remote Store

  • Business Analysis

  • Financial Management



q  Better Operating Profit Margin

q  Increase in sales

q  Shorten order fulfillment cycles

q  Minimize revenue leakage


q  Better customer relationship

q  Efficient handling of their queries / issues

Management Decision Making

q  Optimized planning for production, purchasing, inventory, distribution & sales

q  Planning and managing increased capacity smoothly

q  Faster response to business / market changes

q  Faster and better business decisions based on integrated, real-time information

q  Better visibility across the value chain

q  Synergetic interaction amongst various business functions

q  Easy evaluation of joint-ventures / other complementary businesses


q  Better market / pricing knowledge

q  Responding to competition fast: Better visibility

q  Gain sustainable competitive advantages

q  Faster response to regulatory changes

q  Marketing Campaigns/ Promotions evaluation

q  Tapping fresh markets

q  A professional / automated way of conducting business


q  Synchronized business and production processes

      - E.g. avoid manual-intervention errors

q  Increase in productivity: Optimum utilization of resources/ tools/ machinery

q  Increases workforce efficiency:

      - Better utilization of  management’s time/ skilled labor

q  Smooth scaling-up of production / services

q  Decrease in Operation Costs


q  Tracking damaged stocks/dead stocks / non-moving inventory

q  Minimizes damage: Determines the best location for storing inventory


q  Planned, timely and optimum purchases

q  Better visibility of purchases / suppliers / delivery dates

q  Better negotiating power

Leveraging existing infrastructure

q  Easy integration with existing systems

q  Granular, multiple-level, customizable security


Can an organization scale up smoothly without systems in place ?

An Enterprise Solution, like BizInt, is required not only for large organizations but for any small / mid-sized organization who wants to efficiently manage the current business processes; and scale up smoothly.

Advantages, for the organization adopting such a solution, include:

Ų  Leverage the systems to take strategic decisions

Ų  Adapt fast to the growing needs and changes in business / market & regulatory changes.

Ų  Set a base so that they can scale up (smoothly)

Ų  Track process compliance at a granular level

Ų  Enterprise-wide Single Integrated Solution

Ų  Customized based on your business processes / workflow

Enterprise-level requirements that BizInt suite caters to, include an optimal mix of the features of ERP, SCM, CRM, BI.

BizIntLite is a scaled down version of BizInt; and caters to Small & Medium sized Enterprises (SME Segment) having limited / specific requirements. 

Phased Approach:
BizInt can be deployed in phases. Phased solutions can converge into larger system, with ease. Thus, organization’s expanding needs are met with ease through a single integrated solution.

Solutions within BizInt Suite:

q    BizInt SCM / BizInt Warehouse: Supply Chain, Warehouse Management, 3PL Logistics, Inventory Planning

q    BizInt Retail Management System: POS, Advanced Backend Operations, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing

q    BizInt Manufacturing:  Manufacturing Execution System

q    BizInt Enterprise: Supply Chain, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing Execution System, Retail Management, POS


v    BizInt SCM / BizInt Warehouse    integrates business processes for supply chain management. For example, processes to manage warehouse operations, manage slots / zones, directed putaway, auto / best fit / manual options for binning / picking,  tracking warehouse space utilization, inventory planning and optimization / MRP, maintain lots / batch / serial number, minimize damage (FIFO / expiry dates), cycle counting, barcode handling, advance inventory tracking, end to end order management, shipment / invoice / payment tracking, etc.

v    BizInt Retail Management System    integrates business processes for retail. For example, processes to manage POS (Point of Sale), billing, barcode handling, POS machine / touch screen support, manage inventory & sales-outlets, minimize damage (FIFO / expiry dates), discounts / promotions, manage distribution, warehouses, manufacturing, etc.
For retail outlets, it provides touch screen POS systems. It manages the sales, and optimizes inventory across multiple outlets & locations of a retail organization. These may include Single / Exclusive Brand Outlets, Multi-Brand Stores, Factory Outlets, Specialty and Variety Stores, and Franchisee).
The advanced / enterprise version provides added functionalities including  Advanced Inventory Tracking, Warehouse Management System, and integrated Manufacturing functionalities.  

v    BizInt Manufacturing    integrates business processes for manufacturing. For example, processes to plan production capacity, production scheduling, shop floor management, quality assurance, inventory planning and optimization / MRP, discrete manufacturing, bill of material / BOM, process manufacturing, composition / formulae, minimize damage (FIFO / expiry dates), barcode handling, end to end order management, shipment / invoice / payment tracking, contract manufacturing, assembly line support, etc.

v    BizInt Enterprise    is a web based ERP solution that caters to the need of organizations to have a single-integrated solution, encompassing enterprise-wide processes / workflows. It includes supply chain (SCM), warehouse operations (WMS), production planning, manufacturing operations, inventory planning and optimization / MRP, retail management, POS billing (Point of sale), barcode handling, end to end order tracking, etc. BizInt - Enterprise integrates business processes across the board. 

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Various sectors and verticals are catered to by these automation software systems. These include logistics, 3PL, warehousing, manufacturing, retail outlets / stores / shops, restaurants, super markets, retail chains, traders / dealers, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, plastics, hi-tech, electronics, electrical, semiconductors, industrial, engineering industries, auto / automotive parts, textile / garments / apparel, energy, oil and gas, agricultural, commodities trading, heavy, equipment, printing and packaging, consulting, services industry, food and beverages, cold storage, house and furniture, health and beauty products, cold store, diamond and jewelry / jewellery, FMCG, consumer durables, non durables, packaged goods, construction building and real estate, etc.

Retail formats that are catered to by the retail management solutions include various retail chains, restaurants, super markets, showrooms, retail outlets, stores, shops, hypermarkets, large format retail / LFR, super bazaars, franchises / franchisee, etc. Some sectors / verticals include consumer durables, electronics, garments / apparel / textile, food and beverages, clinic, hospitals, pharmacies / medical pharmacy / chemists, accessories, shoes, mobile stores, consumer goods, readymade items, paint, plastics, hi-tech, electricals, devices, spa, gymnasiums / gym, health clubs, sports club, membership / subscription based retail format, grocery, fast food, pizza, petrol pumps, general trader and dealers, auto, parts, spares, auto spare Parts, ayurvedic shops, bakery and sweet shops, beauty parlour, hair saloon, book store, stationery shops, computer cardware, departmental stores, jewelry, fashion jewellery, footwear shops, furniture shops, gift items, fancy item stores, glass stores, crockery shops, hardware, general store, building materials, construction and real estate, leisure stores, liquor shops, luggage and bag shops, music store, CD's / VCD / DVD's rental, optical showrooms, photo studio's, sports showrooms, surgical shops, textile shops, toy showrooms, tyre shops, vegetable / fruit shops, utensils, household articles, white goods, household appliances, products, industrial, services, retail, FMCG, non durables, etc.

Services globally and pan- India (including: Mumbai (Bombay), Pune, Ahmedabad, New Delhi / NCR, Hyderabad, Bengaluru (Bangalore),  Chennai (Madras), Kolkata (Calcutta), Surat, Chandigarh, etc.).

For exploring possibilities, you may   reach us at   or   Call us at  +91 86555 99955



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