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Simext Web based Supply Chain Management / SCM software, Warehouse Management / WMS solution, Logistics / 3PL, Inventory Control, end to end Retail, Manufacturing Software, Dynamic Production Planning, POS system
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WMS: Warehouse Management
3PL: Third Party Logistics
SCM: End to End Supply Chain
Production Planning Manufacturing
Web based ERP
Retail Management: Mfg., Warehousing
Retail POS / Billing
Inventory Planning and Control
CRM: Customer Relationship Mgmt.
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Metropolis Wellness Products Pvt. Ltd.

International Maritime and Aviation LLC(IMA Group)

ASK Loggistics Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Hyundai Construction Equipment (HCEIPL) (Subsidiary of HHI, Korea)

PMD Gluman

Bharati Shipyard Limited

Noble Corporation Ltd.

Sahara India Group Companies

Hino Motors (Toyota Group, Japan)

KunjBihari Developers (Reliance ADA Group)

Mont Carmel

City Corner

Kolorrol Energy

JOP Overseas Ltd.

Padama Padamavati Opticals

Container Corporation

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Solutions >> Supply Chain Management >> Inventory - WMS - SCM : BizInt SCM / BizInt Warehouse

Inventory Planning and Control

Warehouse Management System ( WMS )

Barcoding / Barcode based Tracking

Lot / Batch & Serial Number Tracking

Shelf Life and Warranty Tracking

RFID based Inventory Tracking


A customizable modular system ensures an organization’s expanding needs are met with ease through a single integrated solution adaptable to growing needs and changes in business, market and regulations.

BizInt Inventory Management System provides Strong Management over inventory by optimizing inventory stocking levels for excellent customer service and profit maximization. It gives better Inventory Control and Material Management system which is linked with the Core Modules of Sales & Purchase, Accounting , helping in accurately tracking the material from vendor till customer.

Inventory Planning and Control Warehouse


  • Multiple Warehouse Management: Handle inventory at multiple sites (warehouses / factories)

  • Barcode management including customized generation, multiple barcode types supported

  • Inventory Traceability including lot, component and operations history

  • Set various Attributes range (SKU, Tax Category, UOM, Weight Volume, Locator, Replenishing rules, etc.)

  • End to end order management, Cycle count,

  • Auto scheduling of MIS Reporting including daily stock ledger, inventory aging, vendor rating etc.

  • Customer / vendor wise credit status tracking

  • Configure products and define relation for selection of supplementary / alternative products

  • Multiple price list creation for Discounts / Promotions / Schemes

  • RFID based Inventory Tracking


Simext BizInt system can be operated independently / offline at various (remote) outlets and warehouse terminals and is securely replicated / synchronized with the "main system" in the back office facilitating secure data synchronization of all the locations.


It  compliments  your existing or planned ERP/SAP investment  It easily integrates with other systems such as ERP / SAP (ready adapters)

Easy to use / deploy: One has the option to   "Pay as you use" (SaaS) option i.e. Subscribe monthly to what you need    OR    "Install in your servers" (BTF)

The SaaS option (monthly subscription fee) ensures    Minimal capital investment in infrastructure, software, hardware and maintenance)

For "Benefits and an introduction" of BizInt Suite,   click here >>


Features and Functionality at a Glance

Inventory Management

(incl. SMS and Mobile based)


  • Single integrated system: Multi-dimensional view to all inventory

  • SMS (optional) from authenticated numbers: Query for stock,
    SMS alerts/notifications e.g. for low stock level of critical products

  • Mobile (optional): Do transactions, view reports on mobile

  • Rule-based batching to minimize inventory damage: lot/batch/serial number, warranty-date / shelf-life, FIFO/  LIFO / FEFO

  • Optimize stock in hand and track Inventory Replenishment needs, based on minimum / targeted inventory levels, past sales

  • Demand Replenishments / Demand Forecasting

  • Inventory Valuation

  • Spare Parts Management

  • Inventory Valuation

  • Lot Tracking: according to serial no./lot/batch, warranty /warrantee date

  • Traceability including lot, component and operations history

  • Control vendor receipts - compare directly with PO / invoice

Product Specifications

Barcode Product Specifications

  • Define specifications of goods purchased, sold

  • Product categories / grouping with multiple UOM (Units of Measurement): meter, kg, hour

  • Attributes range (SKU, Tax Category, UOM, Weight Volume, Locator, Replenishing rules, etc.)

  • Unique Product Identification: UPC / EAN (Barcode), etc.

  • Product Catalog Maintenance     

  • Define Product Price (official / list price, standard, limit price, min. / max. margins, shelf dimensions, surcharge, discounts

  •  RFID Tracking of inventory available to the customer as an option

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management Stock Inventory

  • Slot / Bin Mgmt., Zones (e.g. Freezer zone), Flexible Product Locator

  • Powerful Searching Criteria / Easy tracking of inventory based on detailed product / warehouse attributes.

  • Tracking Warehouse Space Utilization, Full / Empty locations

  • Maintain Locator Types and Zones in Warehouse (for specific needs) e.g. Ground / Rack, Freezer, etc.

  • Directed Put-away / Binning: Best Fit, Auto, Manual

  • Picking: Auto Pick (as per FIFO / LIFO);    Cross Docking

  • Periodic Cycle Count / Streamlined Physical Inventory Count

  • Confirm shipments / receipts & track returns (scrap)

  • Set/ receive alerts: e.g. reminder  to “contact vendor”

Sales Orders & Invoicing`

Sales Order Invoicing Billing Price List
POS Order Billing Discount Promotions

  • Sales Order / Billing/ Invoicing

  • Barcode handling, barcode labels

  • Shipment / Freight options

  • Discounts / Promotions / Schemes    * Multiple Price List options

  • Return Material Handling

  • Know what is available-to-promise vis-à-vis future customer shipments & expected vendor receipts (even on a time scale)

  • Product Configuration: Define product relations for selection of supplementary / alternative products

  • POS Terminal, Barcode reader support

  • Subscriptions / Membership: Enlisting, Delivery, Tracking

Purchase Orders

Purchase Order EDI RFQ MRP Material Requirement Planning Purchasing

  • MRP - Material Requirements Planning, Purchase / Procurement Plan

  • Centralized Purchase-Order (PO) generation

  • Option for delivery / Shipment confirmation at multiple  or remote warehouses / factories / plants / sales-outlets

  • Apportioning of Landed Cost

  • Ranking for RFQ Support & responses that generate PO accordingly

  • E-procurement: EDI, EDIFACT, Email EDI, ASC X12

    EDIFACT: EDI For Administration, Commerce and Transport

    ASC X12: Above 315 EDI transaction sets for B2B e-com

  • Sourcing / Purchasing strategy: Product Costing Report (Limit (PO) price, min. / max., standard, average, current, future)

Business Analysis / Strategic Decision Making

Business Analysis MIS reports Customizable

  • Based on a data warehousing architecture, integrated flexible-reporting allows slice and dice across dimensions

  • Numerous Customizable Reports: Financial, Statement of accounts, open-orders, inventory status, Tabular/Form Reports, etc

  • Filtering, Drill-Down/Drill-Across Reporting (data dictionary based)

  • Various Export Formats: Excel, HTML, XML, Word, PDFstandard, average, current, future)


Security Alerts Notifications Workflow User Authentication

  • Complete security built-in at various levels

  • Support for Firewall and Proxy

  • Granular and customizable security (Role based)

  • Scheduling Alerts / Notifications / Security issue captures

  • Isolating internal Resources from user

  • Process / Workflow access

  • Screens that should be accessible/ seen

  • Which reports can be seen / generated / printed /exported

  • User Authentication and Password Control (Expiry, Dictionary, etc.)

  • Security Logging and Audit Trail (including at transaction-level)

E-Commerce Web Store SolutionE-Commerce Web Store Online Catalog Price

  • Online Product Catalog * Online Pricing and Availability

  • Easily customizable look and feel for the web-store

  • Product search & payment processor interface

  • Enter/view requests, subscribe to interest areas (mailing lists)

  • Customers view their sales orders, shipments, invoices, payments

  • Vendors view their POs, receipts, remittances; and answer RFQs

Easy and Smart User Interface

Easy User Interface UI Parallel Interface

  • End-users (non tech savvy) can easily operate the system.

  • Customizable Process Workflow Editor

  • Two parallel user interfaces:

  • DHTML web-based: Access system anywhere, through Internet.

  • High performance Windows Application (Java based rich user-interface): High-speed data entry

Financial Management

Financial Book Keeping Revenue Budgeting

  • Automatic generation of the book keeping entries / details

  • Bank Account and Cash Book management

  • Revenue Recognition * Bank Reconciliation

  • Budgeting, Budgeted vs. Actual, Various Charges

  • Financial Reports

Organization Structure and Business Partners

organizational structure

  • Hierarchy of Organizations (Branch/division, factories/ plants, internal departments, warehouses, employees, etc.)

  • Multiple languages, currencies, Country / State / Region

  • Business Partner Groups (e.g. Franchises, C&FA, Distributors, Customers, Vendors, Sales-Professionals, etc.)

Other Key Features and Few Technical Aspects

Technical DHTML Rich Java UI J2EE Architecture JBoss Oracle Database 10g 11g Platform independent

  • Easy integration with other systems such as ERP / SAP (ready available bridges)

  • Set and receive alerts / notifications, as per need

  • In-built scheduler for tasks, auto-sending emails

  • Multiple User Interfaces: Rich Java and DHTML

  • User interface can be customized to suit user requirements

  • Attach any number of documents to various transactions in system

  • J2EE Architecture based on JBoss [plan: WebSphere, Oracle AS]

  • Database: Support for Oracle 10g, 11g

  • Platform Independent (Windows, Linux)


For exploring possibilities, you may   reach us at   info@simext.com   or   Call us at   +91 22 6529 3949 ,   +91 22 3244 5899

Services globally and pan- India (including: Mumbai (Bombay), Pune, Ahmedabad, New Delhi / NCR, Hyderabad, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Chennai (Madras), Kolkata (Calcutta), Surat, Chandigarh, etc.).




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