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Simext Web based Supply Chain Management / SCM software, Warehouse Management / WMS solution, Logistics / 3PL, Inventory Control, end to end Retail, Manufacturing Software, Dynamic Production Planning, POS system
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The working culture at Simext is a transparent open culture that promotes long term collaboration of the teams with one another and with the organization.

Being the vision of the organization,various steps have been taken to ensure a open, collaborative environment.

We value your efforts and dreams.

The Differentiators:

  • Mutual Sense of ownership and belongingness
  • Acknowledge Accomplishments
  • Availability of means to encourage creative thinking
  • Lowering the stress levels / providing relaxation
  • Clear communication of expectations and periodic evaluation
  • Opportunity to pursue hobbies
  • Flexible Hours
  • Long term relationship with associates
  • Diversified and Transparent Culture