How is solving Warehouse Management Challenges?

Warehouse Management has many challenges and is striving to address these challenges. Some of the key challenges addressed are:

  • Time Consuming Customer Dispatches as pickers are unaware of the exact bins where the items are stored.
  • Stockout leading to Loss of Sales: mainly due to not maintaining the optimum stock levels and due to improper planning.
  • Arbitrary Item Picking from nearby bins or items stored in front – without considering FIFO / FEFO.
  • Unorganized Warehouse Space, resulting in a direct impact on deliveries and low ROI. Warehouse Managers find it painful to allocate and manage space.
  • Wrong Product Delivery – may be due to similar packing/specifications or due to lack of product knowledge
  • Inventory Status uncertain – leading to miscommunication/loss of sales / untimely dispatch/loss of customer confidence
  • Dead Stock due to no timely action being taken on slow-moving items, the uncertainty of inventory status.
  • Manual and unplanned Allocation of Bins or Space at the time of Inward / Putaway

At, our main focus would be on addressing these key challenges to help our customers get the best possible ROI (Return on Investment) on both time and money. With Supply Chain Consulting coupled with a subscription-based model for Warehouse Management, our aim is to reduce Revenue Loss, Delivery Delays, Unhappy Customers and Sleepless Nights, making “Supply Chain Simplified”.

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